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I have excerpted the following from with permission from Minding My Mitochondria: How I Overcame Secondary Progressive MS And Got Out Of My Wheelchair 2nd Edition.

Save chicken bones from your meals and use them to make chicken broth. Save bones from your pork chops, ribs, or any soup bones. You can also use mussel or clam shells to make broth.

The vinegar helps draw the minerals out of the bone (magnesium, calcium, zinc, boron, and others). The seaweed provides an excellent of source of iodine and other trace minerals to your broth and will not add a noticeable seaweed flavor.

In fact, when I began adding the dried seaweed my family told me the broth was especially good. I took that as a sign their bodies appreciated the additional trace minerals that came with the seaweed. I’ve been adding it ever since.

Homemade Bone Broth
  • Bones, saved from previous cooking
  • Scraps of vegetables, such as celery, parsley, and any vegetable that looks “past its prime”
  • Large stock pot or soup pot half full of water
  • 2 to 4 tablespoons of vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon dried powdered kelp or dulse, or part of a whole leaf
  • 1 packet gelatin
  1. Put all ingredients except seaweed and gelatin into the pot and simmer for 2 or more hours (ideally 24 hours).
  2. Add water if needed.
  3. Strain out the vegetables and bones and discard them.
  4. Dissolve a packet of plain gelatin in the broth.
  5. Freeze it in pint or quart batches for future use.
  6. I leave one or two cups in the refrigerator to gently sauté vegetables in homemade broth. Because the broth has just a small amount of fat, sautéing with broth provides the benefits of sauté without the calories of using frying oil. Put three tablespoons in a pan whenever you wish to sauté or stir-fry fresh vegetables. That’ll give you that stir-fry taste without losing the antioxidant capabilities in the food you’re cooking!


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  • Dori

    I use a pressure cooker and cook on high for a few hours – the chicken bones are like paper and I squeeze all the juice out, including marrow.
    I’ve started buying chicken feet from my heath food store and they produce a VERY gelatinous broth without adding any separately.
    I’ve also found a great Grass Fed Beef Gelatin which I make jello with or add to smoothies, soups, etc. I found it at

  • Yesenia Bujanda

    Hi Dori,

    Feel free to share information such as this on the Facebook page to share with the rest of the community as well.
    Here is the link

    In health,
    The Wahls Customer Service Team

  • Deborah

    Do you discard the fat?

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