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The Wahls Protocol® Health Practitioner Directory tool is the only referral network of health professionals who have completed Dr. Terry Wahls’ training, and was created to help patients locate a Wahls Protocol® Health Practitioner anywhere in the world. All practitioners in the Directory have successfully completed Dr. Wahls Health Practitioner Cetification Track, and are also current members of her ongoing educational program. Enter your location below and use the Advanced Search Options to find a healthcare professional who best meets your needs.

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Alene Brennan

Nutrition Coach, Natural Food Chef, doTERRA Essential Oil Advocate, Yoga Instructor and Personal Trainer Alene coaches clients around the world to best manage their autoimmune disease through diet and lifestyle. A Wahls Warrior herself, she knows first-hand what it’s like to live and rise above a chronic illness. Beyond food, Alene empowers individuals with the […]

July 17, 2019

Alethea Hutchison

I am passionate about health and fitness and love helping people reach their goals. I have been a personal trainer for 7 years & a health coach for 6 years. I most recently became certified to work with people with musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, and neurological conditions. Personal experience with Sjögren’s Syndrome & Raynaud’s disease.  

July 6, 2020

Ali Anderson, INHC

Ali Anderson Wellness, LLC  Functional Medicine Health Coach MS Patient & Wahls Warrior™, Functional Medicine Health Coaching is a unique form of practice, digging deep to look for hidden sources of internal stress.

July 18, 2019

Amahl Beth VanHalsema

vhHealth Services: Coaching for Gluten-free and autoimmune disorders/Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis with EndoMet and Analytical Research Labs/Heavy Metals & Environmental Toxins/Allergies & Food Sensitivities/ Blood & Stool Testing with Vibrant America Laboratorie. Most recent live mentorships with Lawrence Wilson, MD and TomO’Bryan DC About My name is Amahl B. Van Halsema, but you can […]

March 30, 2022

Amanda Vyn

Epic Functional Medicine, Nutrition therapy; GI Health; Family health/Kid-friendly food; General health

July 23, 2019


Letz Be Healthy Amber Letz, NBC-HWC, FMCHC Amber Letz has 25+ years of experience in moving people in to a healthier lifestyle. Her journey began with her own family as she saw the need to take prevention in to her own hands to make sure her children had the best nutrition in order to be […]

July 6, 2020

Amy Aronson Health coach, Pilates and Yoga instructor, biomechanics w athletes, reiki As a health coach I support clients in developing a nutrition, movement and lifestyle practice that supports a healthy and happy lifestyle. As a movement coach I teach Pilates, yoga and use yoga as a tool to teach correct body mechanics. The last 20 […]

March 18, 2020

Amy Behimer I am an MS warrior, national board-certified health and life coach, and doctor of pharmacy.  Using this unique combination of first-hand experience, functional and conventional medicine, and health and life coach training, I help people live their healthiest, happiest, and best autoimmune life.

September 14, 2021

Andrea Bravo

Andrea Bravo is a passionate whole foods cook with over 15 years using food as medicine. In 2019 she got certified as a health coach to follow her passion for health and wellness. Personal family circumstances have led her to keep studying in the fields of mindfulness, hypnotherapy, yoga and meditation. She is now a […]

June 6, 2023

Andrea Sprague

The Holistic Chef Andrea Sprague is a Chef and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner in the Salt Lake City area. She has been creating allergy-free and health supportive meals for clients for over 14 years. Andrea cooks for week-long retreats, regular weekly personal chef clients and also guides newcomers through Elimination Diets.  She specializes in creating […]

July 18, 2019

Angela Alfaro

The Alfa Doc, LLC Learn more click here to visit Angela Alfaro is a board certified family medicine physician and Fellow of the American Academy of Family Practice who founded The Alfa Doc LLC, a personalized integrative and functional medicine practice. During her years of practicing conventional family medicine, Dr. Alfaro felt that patients […]

September 1, 2020

Angela Sum Angela is a certified health coach.  She works with clients virtually to navigate the Wahls Protocol®.   Having personally navigated the path to wellness from an autoimmune condition and high insulin. She was fortunate to have avoided thyroid failure and surgery. She became a Certified Wahls Protocol® Health Practitioner and is committed to helping others achieve […]

January 17, 2021

Ann Pinchak

Pinchak Nutritional Therapy/Facilitation In 2003, Ann was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, setting her on a path of discovery. She is passionate about wellness through food, movement, mindset, sleep, and social connection. Ann is a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Certified Wahls Protocol Health Practitioner, and Licensed Facilitator for the More To […]

August 4, 2020

Annmarie Berg BSN, RN

Health and Wellness Missionary Epigenetics and Biohacking MS Warrior Lifestyle and spiritual coaching

July 18, 2019

Anupam Bhatia

Anupam is From the Institute of Integrative Nutrition worlds leading nutrition school and she specializes in holistic & integrative nutrition. She also specializes in gut health as she has done an advanced gut health program from IIN New York. She treats patients with Autoimmune, cancer & lifestyle diseases across the globe. She is the first […]

July 6, 2020

April Vukelic, D.O., IFMCP

April Vukelic, D.O., IFMCP is board certified by the Institute for Functional Medicine, the American Board of Family Medicine, the American Board of Addiction Medicine, and the American Board of Preventive Medicine. Her approach integrates environment, structure, and function to address the root cause for the whole person. In 2022, she was named a faculty […]

September 5, 2019

Asima Souda

Agni Nutrition Nutritional Therapy Practice, specializing in Gastrointestinal Dysfunction Contact:

July 18, 2019

Beatriz Holguin

Health Coach from FMCA and Keto Mastery Specialist from Ketogenic To learn more, click here. SPECIALTIES: Health Coaching Well Formulated Ketogenic Diet Functional Nutrition Recipe Developer

January 27, 2022

Becca Fichtl, NTM Nutrition Therapist Master Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition®️ – Candidate In-person and Virtual practice Nutrition Therapy is a bio-individual and holistic approach to health. Its focus is on food and lifestyle with great consideration to the individual response of both internal and external factors. Through targeted nutritional therapy, I use food and lifestyle changes to […]

January 22, 2020

Bernadett Bodovics, NTP, BCHN

As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Bernadett coaches clients on dietary and lifestyle changes to achieve optimal well-being considering their individual health needs. She teaches the Wahls Protocol® for people with autoimmune diseases and neurological issues to relieve fatigue and regain energy. She creates nutrition education programs for individuals, companies, and schools, focusing on the long-term […]

September 5, 2019

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