PREPARATION 15 MINUTES COOK TIME 15 MINUTE S SERVINGS 4 TO 6 -by Heather Christo I love potato salad, but I hate mayonnaise—even before I found out I was allergic to it—so I’ve always gravitated [...]


PREPARATION 20 MINUTE S COOK TIME 90 MINUTE S SERVINGS 4 -by Heather Christo Roasting up a chicken at least once each week is a big part of how I keep my family on track with healthy eating. It’s [...]

Wahls Fudge

In a food processor, blend together: walnuts, avocado, coconut milk, cocoa powder, and a few additional key ingredients. Top with berries, and the cream from coconut milk for a delicious treat!   [...]

Cocoa Smoothie

Cocoa Smoothie Recipe Type: Smoothie Author: Dr. Terry Wahls Ingredients 2 cups hemp milk (or coconut or almond milk) 1 cup boiling water (or ice) 1 teaspoon unsweetened organic cocoa 1 – 2 [...]

Thai Green/Massaman Currry

You can roast and grind the spices yourself for better flavor, but I only do for special occasions. Thai Green/Massaman Currry Ingredients Curry Paste 3 packed cups of coriander, roots, stem, [...]