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Today we are making Spicy Beef Collard Wraps – week six of Premium Menus. So, we’re gonna have collards – these great big leaves will be great for the wraps.

The benefits!

  • Onions: great source of sulfur 
  • Cilantro: a really wonderful detox aid and green leaves
  • Green peppers: a good source of polyphenols
  • Jalapenos: good source of capsaicin, which is great for anyone who has chronic pain
  • Celery: great source of fiber, of polyphenols – it’s also very good detox support 
  • Cauliflower: great source of sulfur. Here’s a tip: take the core stem, and you can chop that as well and add it to the cauliflower.
  • Beef: I first put in liver, pulsed the liver, and then added a pound of ground beef. A great way to include more organ meats.
  • Spices: Chili powder, hot pepper flakes, lime, more chili – you want to have spices, because they are really the superfoods. So, trying new  culinary traditions, new spices, are a great way to boost your detox processes.
  • Lemon juice: a great source of vitamin C and polyphenols.

I will fry up the meat in a large stock pot and then add the vegetables for a couple minutes until they are done.

We’ll serve all of this on the collard wrap, like a giant burrito. And we’ll add a green cilantro sauce on top for extra zip and zest!

The Wahls Premium Menus are a great way to diversify your food and take the thought out of planning your meals! They are available at all 3 levels for purchase here.

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