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I am making the salmon kimchi salad with avocado dressing, the Wahls Protocol® Premium Menus.

The benefits!

  • Onions: sulfur content 
  • Kale: vitamin K, carotenoids, magnesium, calcium
  • Peppers: carotenoids, polyphenols 
  • Broccoli: sulfur content 
  • Avocado dressing: essential fats with added diversity due to spices
  • Kimchi: great probiotics

Keep seeking out ways to expand your culinary skills, be introduced to new foods, new pairings. They are meals that are fun, tasty, and are a delicious way to add diversity and confidence to your cooking skill

The Wahls Premium Menus are a great way to diversify your food and take the thought out of planning your meals! They are available at all 3 levels for purchase here.

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