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This is from Premium Menus – it is the Bacon Kimchi skillet, which is one of the breakfast meals, but we’re having it for supper. I have celery, also on the top you’ll see lavage. Lavage is a perennial celery from our garden. I have thyme from our garden, which I minced. Cauliflower, which we got from the grocery store and chopped into bite-sized pieces. Carrots, again from the grocery store. Now, the recipe asked for leeks – but we didn’t have any leeks on hand, so we used our leftover onions from an earlier meal and sliced another onion. Kale, from our garden. The kale’s in really great shape – the kale seed that I’ve planted is just sprouting, but this is last year’s kale that we cut off at the ground level and the leaves are sprouting. Remember that kale is a perennial, so you’ll keep getting it back year after year.

The benefits! 

  • Cauliflower: great source of sulfur, which is really good for neurotransmitters and detox.
  • Carrots: filled with betakeratine and other carotenoids, which are really great for antioxidants 
  •  Onions: great source of sulfur, good for blood vessel health and detox pathways
  • Kale: great source of magnesium, calcium, carotenoids, and vitamin K. Now, the bacteria in your bowels will metabolize the vitamin K to K2, which is more effective at getting the calcium into your teeth and bones and out of your blood vessels. 
  • Kimchi: filled with probiotics that are extremely beneficial to our health.

Now, what we’ll do – we have the bacon which has been frying gently, and we’ll add the vegetables which we’ll saute for another ten minutes. And then just at the end will we add in one of these peppers. We’ll hold the rest of the peppers on the side because Zeb and I like heat a lot more than Jack. And just before we serve, we’ll stir in the kimchi – we don’t want to cook it because you’ll lose the probiotics, but you wanna add kimchi to your meals because kimchi is filled with these probiotic bacteria that are so beneficial to our health.

And to make all this – it’s a nice family activity!

Zebby and I chopped the vegetables together as the bacon was cooking. We’ll put this all together and we’ll be ready to eat in about five minutes. 

The Wahls Premium Menus are a great way to diversify your food and take the thought out of planning your meals! They are available at all 3 levels for purchase here.

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