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What do you do when foods you consider “healing foods” give you symptoms like headache, hives, or stuffy sinuses? While fermented foods like sauerkraut and kimchi are highly nutritious they may be the source of these symptoms due to an intolerance to histamine.

Not everyone has this issue, and not everyone will have it forever—but histamine intolerance is important to address especially in the autoimmune/multiple sclerosis patient.

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Do you have problems if you eat kimchi or sauerkraut? And you seem to have a little more discomfort… more headache. Perhaps you have a little more erythema of the face, or rash or hives.

Do you find that apple cider vinegar just does not seem to agree with you?

This may be an indication that histamine is part of the problem.

For some people, even though there’s so much benefit from eating fermented foods with kimchi, sauerkraut, being on the top of that list—For some people, histamine sensitivity precludes them from eating those foods. And if that is you, even though, yes fermented foods have many many health benefits that it may be that you’re going to have to remove those foods from your diet, and go on a low histamine diet for one to three months, so your body can reset how it handles histamine

I’m really excited that we’re going to have Dr. Becky Campbell, talk with us in one of the bonus sessions of The Wahls Protocol Virtual Seminar, and she’ll talk about histamine as a potential risk factor for those who have an autoimmune issue—

Who might be struggling with histamine and what you can do about it to help your body reset the tolerance for histamine?

Again, it’s not everyone—and the fermented foods, sauerkraut, and kimchi are certainly very healing. But if you find you have a rash, you find you get headaches that you find you get hives after eating sauerkraut or kimchi or apple cider vinegar. Then histamine may be an issue for you, and you’ll definitely want to be signed up for the seminar, so you can learn more about this from Dr. Becky Campbell when we have our bonus session on Histamine.

You can also learn more from this article she wrote to help educate the autoimmune and ms patient about the link between histamine and these conditions.

We’ll be having this conversation with Dr. Campbell as part of the bonus calls that we’re having with the Wahls Protocol® Virtual Seminar. Don’t miss out. 

If your histamine intolerance is a concern of yours—this is one important call you won’t want to miss. Enroll today at to attend live and for access to all the bonus call recordings.

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