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It’s easier than ever to work with me. I have shifted my in-person private practice to a virtual treatment program that doesn’t require travel. 

The Radical Health Upgrade intensive program offers group sessions as well as individual health coaching sessions.

We begin with the Autoimmune Intervention Mastery course, which explains the four pillars of autoimmune health. We cover the inner game intervention, food intervention, movement intervention, and supplemental interventions.

The Autoimmune Intervention Mastery course also includes 7 weekly one-hour group sessions of virtual coaching with me. 

The Radical Health Upgrade program also includes 12 weeks of small group coaching with me.

Together we will more deeply investigate your health journey and use the Health Behaviors Map to explore the many factors that contribute to health decline and health restoration. After the Map is complete, I will lead the group through a discussion of how these factors drive disease and contribute to decline. I then help people identify which areas they want to address and make a plan to start taking steps with their family and personal medical team to radically upgrade their health. This program will teach you how to improve sleep and hormone balance, promote detoxification, and work with your personal medical team to obtain recommended laboratory tests and interpret their results. It will explore concepts of evolutionary biology, how to define and create a meaningful life, and how to grow your internal motivation to change.  

Wahls Warrior™ Diana shares her experience:

This program uses the same principles and methods I used in the Therapeutic Lifestyle Clinic at the VA hospital and in my private clinic. I empower patients and their families with the knowledge and an action plan to take control of their lives. Small group weekly meetings allow participants to bond, create community and support one another during their three-month health journey.

Are you ready to begin a radical health upgrade of your knowledge, your willingness to act, and your healing journey? Learn more and sign up today.

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