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Barbara’s Healing Story (50:42)

  • Reversing Parkinson’s Disease.
  • While Parkinson’s isn’t an autoimmune disease, its progressive nature has many similarities.
  • At her worst, Barbara had severe tremors, difficulty walking, she lost her ability to write and had to close her business as a professional photographer. Daily life became very challenging, and her husband had to help her tie her shoes.
  • It was actually her primary care physician who recommended The Wahls Protocol. The doctor was actually following it for her own health. Barbara was skeptical at first but trusted her doctor, so decided to buy the book and give it a try.
  • Within a month on Wahls Paleo, her tremors started to reduce, she had an easier time walking, and daily tasks became easier as well. Within two months, she went to see her neurologist who reduced her medication. After 14 months on Wahls Paleo, her medication has been reduced by 50%, and her neurologist said she is the first Parkinson’s patient she has ever had whose symptoms improved instead of worsened. Her neurologist is now researching The Wahls Protocol. Barbara’s stamina has also returned, and she’s back to work again as a professional photographer.
  • Over the holidays, someone brought Christmas cookies into her home, which Barbara found too tempting to resist. The result of eating them was an increase in her Parkinson’s symptoms. This reinforced the power of the Wahls Paleo diet, and she learned that certain foods must simply stay out of her house, so she’s not tempted to go off-diet again.
  • Check out Barbara’s dog photography website for some beautiful and adorable pictures: Poppy Blue.
  • Summary (58:29) – If your diagnosis wasn’t discussed today, please know that these stories still apply to you. Autoimmune diseases have much in common, which is why they are treated similarly by conventional medicine, and why the paleo diet and lifestyle works for so many.
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