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  • garry reid

    My daughter was diagnosed with MS recently , based on various neurological symptoms (migraines, numbness, tinnitus, tingling skin) a MRI and negative tests for other possible causes. Because she recently traveled in Thailand/Cambodia, I think she may have lyme disease, but after one negative test for one strain of lyme (western blot) and she is being pushed for a spinal tap and to start interferon drugs (at $50K/year). After watching your video, she wants to focus on your diet and not start the drugs.

    My questions are as follows

    I know the research is young, but to date what percentage of MS patients have significantly “recovered” using the Walhs Protocol, and what is the sample size and percentage of patients that have not responded

    If she does have lyme disease (which many people think is a common precursor to MS), does the walhs protocol help with Lyme treatment?

    Thanks and good luck to you

    Garry Reid

  • Mary Collins

    I have followed a diet very similar to what Dr. Wahl has written about in her book for nearly 20 years since I was diagnosed with MS at age 36. The detoxing process and eating and supplementing was key to my healing experience. I now have a 13 year old son and have no disability. I experienced crushing fatigue, occular neuritis, and balance issues. Dr. Wahl as a physician is able to articulate what I discovered on my own through reading about people who healed from various chronic conditions. This was in 1995-1996. A couple of years before that I had a suspected tick bite and was treated with antibiotics though my tests were inconclusive. I do believe that Lyme’s disease and other triggers could bring on more symptoms more quickly, AND I also believe that the single best thing you could do it to follow Dr. Wahl’s advise. It seems to be to be so clear that I don’t understand why people are so concerned about whether or not it is proven to work. It is a diet that will only help anyone, so what do you have to lose by doing it? You have so much to gain. Keep doing your own Lyme’s disease research, but if you body has the fuel it needs it can (in my view) respond to anything your body is fighting.

    Mary Collins
    I am including my email should you wish to contact me.

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