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Today is World MS day. Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 11.23.26 PMI can still remember the day that my doctor diagnosed me with MS. In some ways it was relieving to finally know what was going on with my body, but as many of you know, it comes with the initial shock of reality. The reality of something I hoped wasn’t true.

My research brings hope to those with MS. Life can improve. You can make changes in your diet to improve your health and heal your body.

In case you haven’t heard me say it, I consider MS my personal gift. Read my article in Mind Body Green to find out more about why I say that. Today I’m celebrating my gift and my health discovery. I challenge you to make the changes with me and watch your body heal.

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  • Carrie

    What a great perspective! How ironic that I came on here on World MS Day! My husband has MS and we’ve been experimenting for years with a couple different diets and a couple different medicines (McDougall diet, Swank diet, Avonex, Tecfidera). THANK you, Wahls contributors, for your work and passion! I’ve ordered the book and am eager to read it an undertake a new diet for my sweet husband!! Your plan makes so much sense, and I haven’t even read the book yet! THANK YOU!

    • George

      Carry, why did you drop the Swank diet? Did you?

  • Kulwinder k sran

    First of all I would like to give you a big big thanks for all the good information abt diet. My daughter is a medical student, she has MS, when she diagnose we shocked. But when we search abt MS and know abt you and your diet, we buy your book and follow the recipe, in 6 months she fees better. You are our Angel doctor. THANK YOU very much

  • Linda Cody

    I am reading your book as I was so excited to see your approach to this disease. We need a new voice and this makes so much sense to me. I have a question. I am newly diagnosed with ALS which I understand is not an autoimmune disease but still I’m wondering if there are aspects that might be helpful to improving and extending the quality of life for folks like myself. When diagnosed I immediately asked the questions that you address for MS and did not find answers. Thanks for any thoughts or input.

  • Cheryl

    Today I started Wahls Protocol Plus yesterday and I got on this blog to find out it is World MS Day. I did not know there was a day for MS.
    I have the Book, the Kindle Version and the CD to listen in my car. I am thankful for all the research and I am going to do my best effort to apply this to my life. I have MS. I also want to help my daughter who has other medical problems that I feel sure this way of life will heal her.

  • Frances

    I am a Wahls Warrior – Terry gives me hope. God Bless her!

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