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The cutting edge documentary “What’s With Wheat?” spills the ‘grains’ on the devastating effect of wheat on the world’s health. Fifteen leading figures in the world of nutrition, including me and Dr. David Perlmutter are featured in this documentary, created and produced by the Changing Habits team. Find out how the chemical hybridization of wheat became a game-changer for the health of humans.

You can learn more about about the documentary here:

View it online via the following networks:

Or, join us for the Wahls Protocol Seminar this year in Cedar Rapids, IA. Changing Habits is a seminar sponsor, and we will be screening of “What’s With Wheat?” for this year’s guests.

Will you help support the message of this documentary? It would mean a lot to me and my friends at Changing Habits if you could write a brief review on the the network you viewed it. Since it is so new to Netflix, this is where we need the most help. Here is how to write a solid review:

  • Sign into Netflix
  • Hit the Browse button
  • Hit documentaries
  • In the search button type –  whats with wheat (no apostrophe)
  • Click on the documentary
  • At the bottom of the page is a tab – DETAILS, click on that
  • Then click on ‘see all reviews’
  • Then click on Write a review

I hope you enjoy!

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