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Two months ago, I presented MINDING YOUR MITOCHONDRIA at Iowa City TEDx.  That video has since gone viral, reaching 259,000+ views. Since many are now beginning the journey to better health and greater vitality, I will talk this month about how to begin and sustain major behavior changes. As always, this is education, not medical advice. I recommend that you check with your personal physician prior to starting new diets, vitamins or supplements.

Root cause of disease is broken biochemistry. Too many of us have spent years, sometimes decades, failing to provide our cells with the building blocks they need to conduct the chemistry of life properly. The result is progressive loss of health and vitality. We are exhausted, overweight, moody and developing autoimmune and other health problems.

Minding My MitochondriaIn my book, Minding My Mitochondria, I discuss the building blocks our brain cells need to make myelin and neurotransmitters. And most importantly, I review where those nutrients are in the food supply. I also discuss how to design a diet that ensures you are getting the building blocks needed by your brain cells and your mitochondria.

Many will find that the Wahls™ Diet is a major departure from their usual diet. And for most, this kind of change will come in gradual, incremental steps. For others, adopting the Wahls™ Diet in one radical swoop is easier. The approach that will work best for you and your family varies from person to person.

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