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BulletproofWe all want to think faster, live and perform better. You can now reach that higher level of performance thanks to products developed by Bulletproof.

Bulletproof offers a wide variety of options from coffee and tea to protein, supplements, and technology. Each of these products is backed by research, science, and results from customers, athletes, and medical professional input.

To improve her own well being, Dr. Wahls uses several of these products to attain a higher quality of life. She uses Upgraded Brain Octane Oil to improve cognition, reduce brain fog, and increase brainpower. The Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCT) Oil is a healthy fat source that provides efficient, quick-burning energy. In addition, Dr. Wahls uses vanilla and chocolate powders. The vanilla powder is 100% natural, increases mental performance, and fights inflammation. The chocolate powder serves as a Superfood and has benefits for heart health. The powders also taste delicious and could even be paired with Bulletproof coffee products to create the perfect Bulletproof latte.

These products may work for you as well and help improve your life, leading you to a more “upgraded self.”

To learn more about Dr. Wahls, sign up for her email list, and order The Wahls Protocol today. 

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  • Cathryn

    I’ve listened to you on a few podcasts and watched your TED talk. I’ve been following a Paleo type diet for more than 10 years. I have RA and have not been able to get completely off medication – take about 15 mg per week of methotrexate and no other meds. I have a good quality of life. The rheumatologist is pushing the biologics at me, which I refuse to take and I wonder why she does this considering my fairly minimal joint damage. I began taking LDN under the guidance of a naturopath last May, in conjunction with the metho; no obvious benefits, but the idea is that it may help prevent further joint damage.

    My question is about the electrical stimulation you refer to and if this could help with RA. any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

  • Dea

    Thanks for the links. Canary, not cannery, I belevie. Made me read the article with full attention though. Love all your links and information. Keep them coming.Loved the link on soy as years ago I waded into Eat Right for your Blood Type. I started drinking soy as it was on my list of acceptable foods. It caused bloating everytime. I then discovered I am an O+ and couldn’t work out the soy component until further testing revealed I was a non-secretor. Needless to say no soy in our house. Food allergy tests validated this too.

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