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Have you ever considered becoming a health coach? Our Wahls Protocol Seminar & Retreat sponsor, The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy is one place I recommend you start. Tune into the free webinar tonight, January 17th at register here. Or tune into the replay after January 17th, 2018 here.

The Functional Medicine movement is transforming healthcare by shifting focus from symptom resolution to wellness and prevention. But in order to effect lasting lifestyle change in their patients, Functional Medicine doctors need a partner—a Health Coach trained specifically in Functional Medicine.

These Health Coaches would need to speak the language of Functional Medicine, but also be trained in positive psychology. They would spend hands-on time empowering patients to move through roadblocks and create new behaviors. Health Coaches would enable practitioners to expand the reach of Functional Medicine, making it accessible to more people.

Dr. Sandra Scheinbaum and her co-founder, Elyse Wagner, recognized the powerful role that Health Coaches could play—and the need for rigorous training. So they founded The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, an educational program that trains Health Coaches in the Functional Medicine model and positive psychology coaching techniques.

FMCA is the only coaching program established in collaboration with The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM). The program mirrors IFM’s practitioner training and is taught by IFM’s faculty of internationally-recognized thought leaders. It also emphasizes the core coaching competencies set forth by the International Consortium for Health and Wellness Coaching (ICHWC). This high level of Functional Medicine and coaching expertise sets FMCA’s program apart.

Driven by a passion for creating wellness and helping others, students come to FMCA by many paths, from all over the healthcare field and the world. This 12-month, self-paced online program accommodates a range of backgrounds, from those who hold other certifications to those who are totally new to this growing field. Using tools like video interviews, expert webinars, and coaching demonstrations, students learn new skills and knowledge which are then applied through a hands-on coaching practicum via the FMCA Community Access Project. This non-profit organization was established to offer affordable coaching to low-income populations while providing real-world experience for our student coaches.

FMCA is still accepting applications to their February 2018 class. To join them, visit

To start working with your own apprentice coach through the FMCA Community Access Project, sign up at


About Dr. Sandra Scheinbaum

Dr. Sandra Scheinbaum is the founder and CEO of the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, a program established in collaboration with The Institute for Functional Medicine that’s the global leader in Functional Medicine health coaching. An Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner, Dr. Scheinbaum was a licensed clinical psychologist for over 35 years, specializing in blending mind-body medicine with positive psychology. She established a clinic for children and adults with attention deficit disorders, conducted one of the first controlled studies of neurofeedback for the treatment of ADD, and ran a clinic for treating panic and anxiety. She’s a board-certified senior fellow in biofeedback and held faculty positions at National Lewis University and the University of Western States.  Dr. Scheinbaum is the author of Functional Medicine Coaching, Stop Panic Attacks in 10 Easy Steps, and How to Give Clients the Skills to Stop Panic Attacks.  She is passionate about transforming healthcare by training health coaches to integrate the positive psychology model of coaching with the functional medicine approach to reversing chronic illness.

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