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On February 18, Dr. Terry Wahls and Leanne Ely of hosted a webinar to discuss The Wahls Protocol: How I Beat Progressive MS Using Paleo Principles and Functional Medicine. Over 9,000 folks tuned in to hear Dr. Wahls speak on the episode of The Ultimate Food Fight: Wage War on Poor Health with the Wahls Protocol. To hear the same great advice they did, click this link.

The webinar begins with Dr. Wahls’ personal experience: her diagnosis of multiple sclerosis followed by a steady decline, until she needed a tilt-recline wheelchair to get around. After much research, Dr. Wahls developed a diet based on Paleo principles that contained nutrients essential for brain health. Within 30 days of starting this new dietary approach, which relied on supplements, she regained energy and mental clarity. However, she found that while supplements did slow her decline, food was a more effective treatment, increasing and intensifying her recovery. Because of this transformation, Dr. Wahls now views disease and health very differently, both as a physician and a person.

Today, 3 years later, Dr. Wahls has gotten her life back, and now she shares the path to this renewed vitality with the public. In this webinar, she provides an in-depth look at the Wahls™ diet and how it both excludes and stresses certain foods in order to optimize health. She also discusses her experience as a vegetarian and the difficult process of transitioning back to eating meat. She walks listeners through a typical day, describing what she eats and what exercises she does on both a daily and weekly basis.

Dr. Wahls then shares testimonials from Wahls Warriors, others whose lives have been transformed since they began following the Wahls™ diet. These inspiring testimonials come from people with Parkinson’s disease, depression, neuropathy, nerve damage, diabetes, and other illnesses and diseases.

More stories and other information can be found in The Wahls Protocol, Dr. Wahls’ new book, due out on March 13, 2014. The book includes 3 levels of the Wahls™ diet with weekly menu plans and nutritional breakdowns as well as extensive information on detox, exercise, electrical therapy, alternative medicine, stress management, and what recovery looks like.

If you preorder the book now using this link, you can get access to cooking videos with Dr. Wahls and Leanne that include exclusive recipes that you cannot get in The Wahls Protocol!

You can also purchase the Ultimate Food Fight Bundle, which includes more pdfs and videos. These materials  cover strategies for eating more vegetables, identifying foods that contain gluten, the Wahls grocery list, an overview of algae, information on community sponsored agriculture, top 10 ways to enjoy eating kale, and 11 easy meal planning and shopping tips. And as a bonus, the Ultimate Food Fight Bundle includes a grocery store tour of Whole Foods with Dr. Wahls and Leanne and a 3-month subscription to the Premium Menu-Mailer for Saving Dinner, which helps you plan menus for the new, healthier foods you are eating. You will also gain access to 2 audio files, How to Talk to Your Doctor and Tune Up Your Brain, both of which you can download to your iPhone, so you can easily listen to these instructive talks.

If Dr. Wahls can get out of her wheelchair by making simple changes to her diet and lifestyle, imagine what eating for your mitochondria and brain cells can do for you and your family. Join Dr. Wahls, become a Wahls Warrior, and preorder The Wahls Protocol today. Together we can create health and banish chronic disease.

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  • blondeau

    Ciao. My English is not good and for me is difficult to translate you. I have sm since 1999 and i have problems to walk. I speak french and italian very good and i want to know if there is possibility to have your book in french or italian. Thank you very much.
    Marieline blondeau

    • Yesenia Bujanda

      Hi Blondeau,

      Unfortunately, there is not an Italian or french translation of the book. Perhaps one day, but not yet.

      In health,
      The Wahls Customer Service Team

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