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This week I am shining the spotlight on Wahls Health Practitioner Becca Fichtl, Certified Nutrition Therapist (CNTP)

About Becca:

I received my Nutrition Therapist certification (CNTP) from The Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver, CO. I am based in the greater Pittsburgh Pennsylvania area, where I have an in-person and virtual holistic nutrition practice focused on autoimmune and chronic diseases, digestive disorders and gluten sensitivity.

Why did you make the decision to become a Wahls Certified Health Professional? 

From the day I first heard Dr. Wahl’s “Minding your Mitochondria” TedxIowaCity Talk, I was captivated by the wisdom of her specific dietary intervention.  At the time, I was concerned with the ever changing landscape of fad diets, the constant demand for help in navigating them, and the knowledge that many were nutrient poor or even unsafe. In contrast, the Wahls Protocol® was fully science-based and the most nutrient dense diet I’d ever encountered. I bought the book (and the cookbook) and explored the diet and lifestyle interventions more fully. I KNEW that I had to bring this gift to as many people as possible, so I leapt at the opportunity to learn in-depth how to use the Wahls Protocol® to guide a client to a more healthful life.


How has what you learned benefited your practice?

The certification process and my attendance at The Wahls Protocol® Amplify Retreat was life-changing. Through this training and membership in this community, I now more fully grasp how food can aid the body in fighting disease and returning it to wholeness. I am better able to understand and address the needs of my clients by using food to fight the battle, I have in-depth knowledge of both the diet and lifestyle interventions, and I have access to proprietary resources. The monthly Q&A calls with Dr. Wahls and other certified professionals provide an opportunity to learn directly from her and from each other – they are an unparalleled value.

You can reach Becca at or email

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