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This Week I Am Shining The Spotlight On Wahls Health Practitioner Michael Smith, Naturopath from Planet Naturopath


I use functional medicine testing to identify the root cause of health issues plus the Wahls Protocol® to implement healthy changes. This includes dietary, lifestyle and mindset changes to help you be the best version of yourself.

Why Did You Make The Decision To Become A Wahls Certified Health Professional?

My main reason for becoming a Wahls Certified Health Professional was personal, my wife started developing M.S symptoms and was diagnosed with M.S. I had already read The Wahls Protocol® and I have been following Dr.Wahls’ work for many years so I had no hesitation to start the training and get an in-depth knowledge of the Wahls Protocol® to help with my wife’s recovery.

How Has What You Learned Benefited Your Practice?

The training has changed the way I work with many clients, especially clients with chronic health issues like autoimmune conditions and neurological conditions as the Wahls protocol can help a wide range of people and not just people with M.S – it’s not just the nutrient-dense diet but the techniques to help people be more motivated to make the changes necessary to succeed.

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