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Tami Fraser is a Wahls Protocol Health PractitionerTami healed herself from multiple autoimmune disorders, including Atypical MS, and also recovering her son with autism, from PANDAS/PANS (autoimmune encephalopathies) making the Wahls Protocol® truly a family affair!  She’s got a knack for hacking recipes for those with food allergies. She’s an enthusiastic educator, gardener, & wild food forager.

What lead you to become a Wahls certified?

I was suffering from a growing collection of autoimmune disorders, including Chronic Fatigue, Atypical MS, and ASIA syndrome.

I had fibromyalgia and lost ALL my short term memory for over 2 years.  The pain and inflammation were so bad I could not even walk to my mailbox and had to hold on to walls to avoid falling.

When I thought it couldn’t get worse, my son with autism suddenly developed catastrophic PANDAS/PANS (a form of autoimmune encephalopathy) which included tics, OCD, and seizure-like events that were so severe, doctors recommended that we institutionalize him.  I shudder to think where our lives would be if we hadn’t found the Wahls Protocol®.

Thanks to our hero, Dr. Wahls, our lives are very different today, because we’re BOTH thriving! Funny thing- before the Wahls Protocol, I had never eaten Kale or Swiss chard in my life- but now I plan my garden and meals around them! I was drawn to becoming a Certified Wahls Health Practitioner after our life-changing experiences, so I could share this incredible, comprehensive healing program with the world.

We’re living proof- Miracles do happen!

How has what you learned benefitted your practice? 

My passion is educating and helping others to recover and thrive. For over 15 years, I have helped familiesrecover themselves and their kids with autism & GI disorders; so I thought I had a pretty good handle on research & treatments for autoimmune/environmental disorders, which included my education  & certification, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.

The Wahls Health Practitioner Certification program greatly expanded my knowledge: from the impressive and compelling collection of well-organized research to the attention towards individualizing healing, Dr. Wahls provided me the tools to continue to help even more people. 

You can find me hunting mushrooms, gathering elderberries, or at my FB page- Fraser Wellness Farm

Are you a health professional looking to grow your practice? The Wahls Protocol Health Practitioner Certification will give you the tools to help your autoimmune patients and clients manage their health and wellness.

Visit to learn more about the upcoming certification opportunities

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