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Wahls Research Fundraiser – Austin Texas April 25th 2015

The Board Of Directors of The Wahls Foundation invite you to meet in person Dr. Terry Wahls!  This event will take place during PaleoFX in Austin.  A limited number of places available to a select few to share an intimate lunch with the author of The Wahls Protocol which is changing the lives of many world wide.  Your support will help fund continued research done by Dr. Wahls using food as medicine.

We are hosting the luncheon at: Embassy Suites Austin – Downtown/Town Lake

Date: Saturday, April 25th
Location: Restaurant (we will occupy the entire restaurant)
300 South Congress Ave across the street from The Palmer where PaleoFX is being held.
Dress code: casual
Luncheon Time: 12pm
Cost: $500 per person for lunch and an intimate setting with Dr. Wahls

We are offering a buffet of Wahls compliant meals. Lunch and non-alcoholic beverages are included. Alcoholic beverages are not included, but available for purchase.

doc wahls

We are having a fundraiser on April 25th, 2015 to support the Wahls Research Fund, and all proceeds will go to my research lab. The fundraiser will include a private luncheon that is Wahls Paleo–compliant and a review of my research program. I will personally present our preliminary data, show videos of participants walking before and after 12 months of intervention, and give detailed analyses of their progress. I’ll also discuss our subsequent studies and plans for future studies. And most importantly, I will answer questions from guests and engage in a lively, open discussion with those who attend.

Tickets are available for the Wahls Research Fund Fundraiser for $500, and it will be an intimate group limited to only 20 attendees. Those who purchase tickets will receive a receipt for their tax-deductible donation equal to $500 minus the cost of dinner. You can purchase your tickets here.

We realize that most of you are not able to donate $500, however worthy the cause. However, you can still make a difference. The University of Iowa Foundation has created a fund that allows you to make individual donations of as little as $10. We would be thrilled to have your support in any amount. Your contribution will help support our next project, which will analyze the functional MRI data from the subjects who have completed 12 months of intervention. This analysis is a costly procedure, totaling $25,900. With your help, we could complete that analysis and hopefully unlock a deeper understanding of how blood flow to the brain is changed by the study interventions. This will help explain the mechanisms by which people are improving as they adopt our study interventions. Furthermore, reports of our work and the MRI findings will elevate our research to an entirely new level. Can you help us achieve that goal?

Please donate to the Wahls Research Fund

If we are to get interventions in diet, meditation, and exercise to become the standard of care for treating neurological problems, then we need hard data to present at national meetings and publish in top-tier journals. You can help us achieve that goal!

Please donate to the Wahls Research Fund today. And if you can, please buy a ticket to the Wahls Research Fund Fundraiser, which promises to be an instructive and enjoyable evening.

Purchase your Wahls Research Fundraising Luncheon Ticket

Donate to the Wahls Research Fund.

Thank you for your continued support.

Terry Wahls, MD

Wahls Research Fundraiser Austin Texas 2015

Dr Terry Wahls 01sCost: $500 per person for lunch and an intimate setting with Dr. Wahls

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