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Dr. Wahls speaks on The Randy and Christa Show about how she beat multiple sclerosis with food and functional medicine. She also describes her work with patients in a traumatic brain injury clinic and therapeutic lifestyles clinic as well as the clinical trials she is conducting with individuals who have primary and secondary progressive MS. In all of her clinics, Dr. Wahls tells patients about the importance of healthy diet and lifestyle habits and helps them make changes that improve their symptoms and reverse their diseases. These changes can be similarly applied to Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, fibromyalgia, diabetes, and obesity.

Dr. Wahls teaches people how to feed their brain cells and mitochondria properly, what typical nutrient deficiencies they should be aware of, and offers various levels of her diet to optimize nutrient intake. With over 75 million people currently facing an autoimmune disease, Dr. Wahls wants to create an epidemic of health, healing bodies and giving people their lives back.
Christa Orecchi is a clinical nutritionist and holistic health counselor. She has a private practice and helps people understand that healthy eating is not boring, hard, or time-consuming. Christa is a nutrition expert who appears weekly on FOX, a TEDx speaker, and co-author of “The Anti-Inflammatory Diet,” “The Whole Journey Food as Medicine Cookbook: 180 Delicious Ways to Use Food as Medicine,” and “The Five Tris: A Brand New Approach to Pre-Natal Health.”

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  • Stephen Walker

    Hi Dr Wahls,

    I have recently purchased your book The Wahls Protocol and have adopted the eating regime. I too have SPMS and I am already seeing huge improvements.
    Thank you VERY much for your inspirational writing and research.

  • Linda Corsetti

    I have Primary Progressive MS since 1992. I have been following a program similar to your protocol for that many years and have never taken any meds. Can you comment about the saturated fat issue and limiting carbs. According to Dr. Swank, you should limit your saturated fat to 15 grams per day. I have started adding coconut oil into my diet but am skeptical. I have been a vegetarian for 25 years.
    Thank you. Linda

    • Monika

      I too would like to know this 🙂

  • kattalina

    I have to say that ms. Wahl’s information esp. In her TED TALK AND VIDEO was vey useful to me, esp the part about sulfur and the mitochondria. A friend recommended to me MSM TABLETS bc she says they are useful for everything. I started taking them and I just started feeling better. In addition in a using EFT and working with a homeopath. I also truly believe that while food and nutrtion matters, any experience of significant trauma matters maybe a whole lot more. I was in a severe car accident and in 6 mos. Time I had what appears to be MS. I appears bc my neurologist was reluctant to give that diagnosis and told me to go see a specialist. Which, I am refusing to do bc I know about all these other things that will heal me. !

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