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Thank you to Steve Kirsch for his book review of The Wahls Protocol.

Calling Dr. Wahls the “secret superstar of the Paleo movement,” Steve tells Dr. Wahl’s story of illness and healing, and describes the overarching motto of The Wahls Protocol as “Food is cellular fuel.”

He explains that food can affect both the likelihood of developing a chronic disease and the potential for overcoming a disease and its disabilities. However, The Wahls Protocol is not just for those who have an autoimmune disease, and Steve encourages those who are still healthy to try the Wahls Diet to maintain their optimal health. Addressing health at the cellular level can benefit all individuals, whether healthy or ill.

Steve discusses the various levels of The Wahls Protocol, what foods it eliminates, what foods it encourages, and the level of detail and flexibility the diet provides.

Steve tells his blog readers, “I love this book. You should get it, read it, and start employing its dietary regimen to your life. It can save your life.”

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