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Terry Wahls MDWe continue to receive donations from around the world and now have over $5,000 in the fund. Thank you! The first thing we are planning to do with these funds is to pay for analysis of the frozen blood we have on the first wave of subjects. This will allow us to begin to understand how the chemistry of the body changed as subjects adopted the intensive nutrition, meditation, and exercise program. We are very excited to be able to add these types of studies because it will strengthen our future grant applications.

If you would like to be part of the team, please consider making a donation. You may now donate online through the University of Iowa Dr. Wahls Research Fund to help fund Dr. Wahls’ research.

Those of you who wish to make a donation now can do so by writing a check to the University of Iowa Foundation and putting “Dr. Terry Wahls Research UI Account” on the memo line.

Checks should be mailed to:

University of Iowa Foundation
P.O. Box 4550
Iowa City, IA   52244

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Dr. Terry Wahls

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