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The Wahls Protocol® Virtual Seminar, the only wellness conference you’ll need to attend in 2021

Save the Dates! BONUS Group Coaching Calls Begin in January 2021!

Due to the current global climate, I am hosting another virtual seminar experience where you will connect with me and dozens of experts in wellness to learn how to transform your life by taking a multimodal, research-backed approach to creating better health.

In this seminar, I will teach you, just as I teach the patients in my therapeutic lifestyle clinic, the Functional Medicine principles you can use to rebuild your life. I will explain why these changes are so powerful and then show you how to begin your journey.

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This seminar is priceless.

Seeing a functional medicine practitioner privately often costs many thousands of dollars, and the waiting period for an appointment can be more than 9 months – if there is even a practitioner in your area. Instead of waiting to spend a lot of money, you can come to my virtual seminar, create a timeline of your health, and better understand the intersection of a lifetime of diet, lifestyle, and environmental factors that created the health state you have today.

The insights are invaluable.

Hear from Virtual Attendee Wahls Warrior™ Melissa:

People call from all around the globe to see me, and I am only capable of seeing patients at a limited capacity.

The best way to take control of your health using my expertise is to attend this seminar.

Last year’s attendees logged in from around the world to seeking information, connection, and support while we navigate the global pandemic together.

Visit the Seminar page here to view the schedule and speaker/topic line up. I am adding in new speakers and topics regularly, so keep checking back.

This year I have added BONUS coaching calls that allow us to kick off the new year with the motivation to make 2021 the best year yet. Starting in January we will meet monthly for a guest lecture, Q&A and to connect with the community.

This runs right into the Essentials Track that kicks off on May 12, 2021. You’ll be automatically signed up for an additional 6 weeks of group coaching post-Essentials Track to send you off feeling secure and supported in your new way of eating, thinking, and living.

Conveniently this leads right into the Advanced Track (July 7-9) and also concludes with an additional 6 weeks of group coaching.

If you bundle both tracks…you’ll be automatically enrolled in 8 months of support with me and my team—plus you’ll save $100 with the bundle discount.

You will have access to a private Facebook group and a video portal with the audio lectures and printed materials that are shared throughout the time we spend together. At this seminar you will meet others who are ready to restore their health and vitality and want support during this journey.

Don’t delay. Space is limited!

Seminar Details

During the seminar, you will:

  • Learn the difference between Functional Medicine and conventional medicine
  • Complete the timeline of your health story
  • Understand what key physiologies are often impacted and how to address those problems
  • Learn how environmental factors like diet, stress, toxin, activity level, and even the bacteria living in your bowels can create disease states
  • Learn how to speak to your primary care doctor about diet and lifestyle issues
  • Practice stress-reducing strategies
  • Review the Wahls™ Diet plans
  • Develop strategies for implementing the Wahls Protocol™ programs
  • Learn about exercise and how to select a physical therapist, exercise class, or personal trainer
  • Learn about electrical therapy and electrical therapy devices
  • Learn more about food sensitivity testing options and Functional Medicine evaluations
  • Establish your goals and determine which diet and lifestyle changes you will make

A Micheline star line up of some of the most forward-thinking (and eating) experts in health and wellness.

I am so excited to bring together colleagues that I trust to share their own expertise in the topics that you may have questions about. While I can teach you a lot—their contributions make this event an even more robust learning experience.

If you are seeking more education to learn how to manage your pain, brain fog, weakness, autoimmune problems, and other debilitating symptoms—then this event is worth showing up for.

It is my way of reaching as many people as I can suffering from autoimmune dysfunction and chronic disease. I want to bring health to as many people as I can.

Join me for this life-changing virtual seminar experience. We will teach you all you need to know to get your health back on track!

Lock in the Pre Sale Savings before December 31, 2020 when ticket prices increase. Click here to learn more.

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