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Dr. Wahls shares her story with Jonathan Bailor from The Smarter Science of Slim.

After detailing her history and experience with multiple sclerosis, Dr. Wahls discusses her research and how it has been received by colleagues, followers, and critics. With the help of the dean of the University of Iowa School of Medicine and senior scientists, Dr. Wahls was able to secure funding for research that tests the diet and lifestyle changes she made to reverse her symptoms on other individuals with MS. Clinical trials have been running since 2010, and there has been exciting data that shows the Wahls diet has significant impact on improving fatigue.

Dr. Wahls also talks about how vegetarian, low-carb, and Paleo dieters have received her work. While some clinicians remain skeptical and others believe that her MS diagnosis may have been a mistake due to her incredible recovery, many are becoming increasingly interested in how consuming a nutrient-dense diet has a significant impact on health.


Jonathan Bailor is a New York Times-bestselling author of The Calorie Myth, nutrition and exercise expert, wellness entrepreneur, and former personal trainer. For over 10 years, Jonathan has collaborated with top scientists and analyzed over 1,300 studies. He is also the CEO of Yopti, a wellness technology company.

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