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What’s the most powerful thing that you can do to improve the health of yourself, and your family, and your community?

Well, actually one of these things is learning how to cook.

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The US government does annual surveys looking at the nutrition status of our population and one of the things that they discovered is the huge number of folks who are eating fast food, often several times a day. In fact, if you’re under the age of 40, half of Americans are eating fast food on any given day, and many of us are having several fast food meals in that day.

We also know that the more fast food that you eat, the more likely you are to have excessive levels of inflammation in the bloodstream and the more likely you are to have abnormal blood sugar metabolism. That is, your blood sugar is probably high and even if your blood sugar is still normal, you’re more likely to have elevated insulin and that you’re more likely to be developing insulin resistance and fatty liver disease.

Sadly, the big driver for all of this is, that people have forgotten how to cook, or we were never taught how to cook.

Our parents were busy, working one or perhaps several jobs, and they were exhausted, leading to more and more reliance on fast food.

And too many young people don’t know how to cook using recipes and ingredients.

Too many young people, if they cook, they’re simply making boxed macaroni and cheese or boxed ramen noodles and are having a diet filled with highly processed foods.

And again, in study after study, we’ve seen that the more you eat home cooked meals, the more vegetables you eat, the lower the rate of cancer, the lower the rate of obesity, the lower the rate of diabetes, of heart disease.

So one of the things that you could begin doing is beginning to cook at home, using recipes.

We’ve had people in our clinical studies that we’ve had, and in my lifestyle clinic at the VA. One of the most popular things that we’ve done is to provide cooking classes and teaching people how to shop, how to meal plan, how to read a recipe.

Look for ways that you can learn how to acquire some of these skills and what you’ll likely find, if you can learn how to shop, meal plan, use up all of your foods so that you’re not throwing away leftovers, you’ll likely discover you can greatly improve the quality of your diet and lower the cost of the food that you’re consuming.

And to that end, I’m very excited to tell you that we’ve added some chef sessions to my annual virtual seminar.

We’re going to have Wahls Health Practitioner and Holistic Chef Andrea Sprague, talk with us about these basic skills, to help you deepen your understanding of how you could begin cooking more of your meals at home, using ingredients. How you could plan so you have efficient use of your time and of the money that you spent on food, and at the same time, have a really nice, favorable impact, on your health challenges.

And that includes whether or not you’re having issues with weight, elevated blood sugars, insulin resistance, fatty liver disease, a mental health problem, anxiety, depression, or an autoimmune problem.

We have, again in multiple studies, been able to demonstrate that learning how to cook more meals at home, improving the quality of your diet, saving you money, saving you time, is one of the most effective strategies for improving your health and the health of your family.

So please join us. Please be part of the seminar, so you can be part of these chef-led discussions and classes.

If planning and preparing meals is something you struggle with on the Wahls Diet™, this the next bonus group call is one you won’t want to miss.

On our February 2nd Bonus Group Call, holistic chef and F-NTP, Andrea Sprague will guide Wahls Warriors™ through the ins and outs of meal planning, shopping, and food swaps!

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