From Wahls Warrior Beth

I was diagnosed with MS 10 years ago and then Lyme disease. I tried conventional medicine for 8 years and it failed me. I had given up, and then I saw Dr. Wahls’ TED talk. I jumped right in and [...]

From Wahls Warrior Lynn

A week ago I started the Wahls protocol. I have lost 10 pounds and was able to sprint after my dog this morning without feeling like I was going to die. I am only on chapter 4 of the book. I may [...]

Wahls Warrior Bill

I have been on a health journey for 6 years and have overcome depression, mood swings, have lost 110 pounds and kept it off, eliminated the pains in all of my joints, eliminated [...]

Wahls Warrior Sandee

Wahls Warrior Sandee: I joined 30 day Quick Start and began my journey 3 weeks ago. WOW….I am astounded at the increase in my energy level (haven’t felt this energized in 10 years) [...]

Wahls Warrior Carolyn

Wahls Warrior Carolyn: I can do this! After all these years of starving my self, my body and my spirit, Dr. Wahls is showing me a new way of nourishing myself! The recipes, detailed shopping [...]

Wahls Warrior Lynda

Wahls Warrior Lynda: I am very thankful I found Dr. Terry L. Wahls and Leanne Ely and the group. I had already started following The Wahls Protocol with the book. Being able to have further [...]

What Dr. Wahls is Reading

Join Dr. Wahls and read The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet by Dr. Mark Hyman. This is an excellent book for those struggling with weight issues or diabetes. It will teach you how to lose [...]

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