Wahls Warrior Sandee

Wahls Warrior Sandee: I joined 30 day Quick Start and began my journey 3 weeks ago. WOW….I am astounded at the increase in my energy level (haven’t felt this energized in 10 years) [...]

Wahls Warrior Mike

Wahls Warrior Mike: After reading the book and going at it on our own for a month, we were running out of gas. This 30 Day Quick Start program came just in time. With all the great recipes, the [...]

Wahls Warrior Lynda

Wahls Warrior Lynda: I am very thankful I found Dr. Terry L. Wahls and Leanne Ely and the group. I had already started following The Wahls Protocol with the book. Being able to have further [...]

Wahls Warrior Mike

Wahls Warrior Mike: The combination of reading The Wahls Protocol, getting delicious meal recipes that meet the dietary requirements and please the whole family, plus being able to interact with [...]

Wahls Warrior Jo Lyn

Wahls Warrior Jo Lyn: A gifted naturopath pulled me back from the brink of death with a ketogenic diet, herbal detox and nutritional support a few years ago. But that diet was not nutritionally [...]

Wahls Warrior Michelle

Wahls Warrior Michelle:   Even though I’ve never been diagnosed with anything, I have figured out over the last twenty years that I have dairy and gluten problems. But just eliminating [...]