30 day QuickStart Registration for August 1st Program Start

30 Day QuickStart Level 1 Leanne Ely of SavingDinner.com and I hosted a free webinar in which we answered questions about how to get your QuickStart off and running and stay on the diet for a [...]

Wahls Warrior Sandee

Wahls Warrior Sandee: I joined 30 day Quick Start and began my journey 3 weeks ago. WOW….I am astounded at the increase in my energy level (haven’t felt this energized in 10 years) [...]

Wahls Warrior Patty

Wahls Warrior Patty: I have been having soft tissue pain in my thighs for years. With 3 weeks on the Wahls protocol, that pain is much reduced. I sometimes have no pain but even when I do have [...]

Wahls Warrior Mike

Wahls Warrior Mike: After reading the book and going at it on our own for a month, we were running out of gas. This 30 Day Quick Start program came just in time. With all the great recipes, the [...]

Wahls Warrior Carolyn

Wahls Warrior Carolyn: I can do this! After all these years of starving my self, my body and my spirit, Dr. Wahls is showing me a new way of nourishing myself! The recipes, detailed shopping [...]

Wahls Warrior Carol

Wahls Warrior Carol: I’ve been hesitant to post to this thread because I have at least one confounding variable at play right now (i.e., I also have biotin illness and the necessary mold [...]

Wahls Warrior Lynda

Wahls Warrior Lynda: I am very thankful I found Dr. Terry L. Wahls and Leanne Ely and the group. I had already started following The Wahls Protocol with the book. Being able to have further [...]

Wahls Warrior Lisa

Wahls warrior Lisa: It’s a whole new world for me eating healthy, cooking great meals. Feeling empowered! Love my new lifestyle! Thank you Dr. Terry L. Wahls and Leanne Ely never thought I [...]

Wahls Warrior Mike

Wahls Warrior Mike: The combination of reading The Wahls Protocol, getting delicious meal recipes that meet the dietary requirements and please the whole family, plus being able to interact with [...]

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