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Individuals with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis and fatigue are invited to participate in a research study to determine whether the Wahls Elimination Diet and Swank Diet are effective treatments for multiple sclerosis related fatigue.  The Wahls Elimination Diet excludes all grains, dairy, legumes, eggs, and nightshade vegetables.  The Swank Diet is a low fat diet that eliminates red meat and includes whole grains and fat free dairy products.  Participants must be willing to follow either diet.  The study consists of visits to the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics and includes blood draws, stool collections, food records, physical motor tasks, and questionnaires.  Optional Feeding Study provides all food for the first ten days on the study diet and requires three extra visits to the University of Iowa during these ten days with additional blood, urine, and stool collections. Participants will continue their current treatments in addition to using the study diet.  Reimbursement is provided for study-related dietary supplements.  Racial and ethnic minorities are encouraged to apply for this study. 

To determine if you are eligible for this study, please visit this link: and use Code:  JMJPYEJHP

If you have questions, contact the study coordinator Cathy Chenard, MS, RD, LD at 319­-384­5053 or

Click here to see the study brochure instead of the links above.

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