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A hearty thank you to those who have been contributing to our work – we have raised over two thousand dollars. Thank you! Since drug companies won’t fund our work, each donation helps. Consider being a part of the team, helping us do the research necessary to make using diet and lifestyle choices the recommended treatment for chronic diseases like obesity and multiple sclerosis. Your donations can be made ONLINE or via check. Checks should be made payable to the University of Iowa Foundation, with “Dr. Terry Wahls Research UI account” on the memo line.

Please mail checks to:

University of Iowa Foundation
P.O. Box 4550
Iowa City, IA  52244  

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Dr. Terry Wahls
The Wahls Foundation, Inc.

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  • Iqbalz

    I was diagnosed in 1982 at age 33. My pnstereing symptom was Optic neuritis. I have been on Betaseron since 1993. I have Secondary Progressive MS. I use a cane or a walker and a scooter for longer distances. I still drive.I follow a low fat, mainly vegetarian diet, drink no caffeine or alchohol. I have continuous Tinnitus, take baclofen, ditropan, ativan, prozac, prilosec, neurontin and suffer from constipation, for that I take Benefiber. and try to increase my fiber and yoga. A friend sent me the link to your Ted talk and I have been very interested in your diet. I have increased my greens, cabbage and practically stopped my grain intake. I do love bread and only ate multigrain. I’ve have eliminated white flour and whiite sugar from my diet for many years. For breakfast I usually ate oatmeal with Firberone cereal and lots of nuts and dates and fruit and berries. I have stopped drinking soy milk and started almond milk. I am eating more chicken livers and grass fed organic beef and chicken. I am a convert to Kale chips The only cows milk I eat is greek yoghurt. I eat lots of nuts.I am serious about following your diet. I looked up all the supplements you recommend and they seem essential to the diet. I want to stop all my medications, especiallly the interferon. I am so tired of having MS. I must take a nap in the afternoon or I cannot function.I am divorced and live alone. I have a 27 year old daughter,I would like to know the best way to start your diet. Do I have to totally eliminate grains and beans? How do I stop taking my meds?

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