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Over the week, I have come across a number of peer-reviewed research articles that I think Wahls Warriors™ would find interesting. My remarks and summaries are paired with the links.

Published Research: PMID 31977888

Neurological music therapy is used to improve motor function. It has been helpful with Parkinson’s patients. This study used neurological music therapy plus cognitive training or cognitive training alone in patients with MS. The combined music and cognitive training was more effective at improving measures of cognition than cognitive training alone. If you have access to a center that offers musical rehabilitation, singing, or dance classes, consider signing up–it is likely very good for your brain. We will be singing and dancing at the seminar this year. The seminar is so much fun, which is why people return year after year.

Published Research: PMID 31531150

Chronic migraine can be disabling. In this study, patients underwent food sensitivity testing and were treated with an elimination diet, a probiotic, or a combination of both. All three groups had reduced analgesic use (took less pain medication). The most effective of the three at reducing symptoms was the combination of elimination diet (guided by food sensitivity testing) and probiotics. For decades I suffered from trigeminal neuralgia but am now pain free thanks to my diet and lifestyle protocol. We have had many patients with chronic headache report dramatic improvement as they implemented the Wahls Protocol®.  How did your headache issues respond when you implemented the protocol? 

Published Research: PMID 32003649

Calorie restriction is associated with greater longevity in many studies, but it is difficult to sustain. In this study, alternate day fasting (without increasing overall calorie consumption on the days you do eat) was more effective at controlling weight and improving biochemical parameters of inflammation than calorie restriction. It adds to the evidence that alternate day fasting is a beneficial adjunct to those with insulin resistance and/or fatty liver disease.  Have you tried calorie restriction or intermittent fasting?

Published Research: PMID  31301539

Frankincense (Boswellia) has traditionally been used for a wide variety of conditions. In this study, Boswellia extract was investigated for the treatment of diabetes in animal models. It was helpful in reducing inflammatory cytokines and improving glucose and lipid metabolism.  What is your experience with Frankincense?

Published Research: PMID 31374976

Hydranitis Suprativa is a painful autoimmune disorder of the skin. This study examined the effect of circadian fasting associated with Ramadan on symptoms of this disorder. Of note, fasting was well tolerated and associated with decreased symptoms. This is more evidence to consider time-restricted feeding and/or fasting as part of your wellness and treatment plan to manage your autoimmune disease states. Has fasting helped reduce your symptoms?

Published Research: PMID  31806905

It’s great to see more papers discussing the root causes of systemic inflammation as seen in obesity, diabetes, mental health problems, autoimmunity, and neurodegeneration. This paper discusses the interplay between our genes and environmental factors, including diet choices, physical activity, stress, and toxin exposures. What are the environmental factors that contributed to your current health issues? 


This review examines Keap1/Nrf2/ ARE signaling pathways in multiple sclerosis that reduce inflammation, promote detoxification and regulate antioxidants. Many drugs that use these pathways are currently being developed. It’s important to know that there are also naturally occurring foods that activate t these same pathways. Just a few that are part of the Wahls Protocol® include curcumin, melatonin, resveratrol, and sulforaphane (cabbage family vegetables). Food can be your medicine.


Essential oils and plants can favorably shift how our cells conduct the biology of life. They can also help reduce inflammation and oxidative stress. This paper reviews the anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer activities of frankincense (Boswellia). Studies have shown that many of our culinary spices and herbs have beneficial effects on our cellular function. That is why I encourage people to set a goal of consuming 200 plant species in a year. Diet diversity is an easy way to promote overall health and well-being in the body.


This study screened clinically approved agents that stimulate clearance and repair of damaged myelin. It found that Niacin (vitamin B3) was a helpful intervention, increasing clearance of damaged myelin and stimulating the production of oligodendrocyte precursor cells (stem cells for the myelin-repairing cells). This work was done in animal models, but it may represent a regenerative therapy that is relatively inexpensive for demyelinating diseases like multiple sclerosis.  Supplements can be helpful in promoting health, but I recommend eating for your cellular health by adopting the Wahls Protocol. 

Published Research: PMID 31492765

This is an interesting study that links anxiety and emotional and behavioral problems in children to Celiac disease. If your child has behavior and mood issues, it’s worth considering Celiac as a potential cause.  Many families tell us that their children’s behavior and moods greatly improve as they implement the Wahls Protocol® as a family.

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