In Wahls Warriors

by J. M.

“After four months on the diet, I am still feeling great, all my Parkinson’s Disease symptoms are reducing, and some have entirely disappeared. All this is with no change in my medication since October 2011.

My fatigue: gone (though I get normally tired after a busy day).
Bowels: normal, though I found that I needed a month’s supply of healthy bacteria for my gut in capsule form so that long-standing constipation disappeared.
Urinary frequency: gone.
Handwriting: returning to normal, and improving week by week.
Fine motor control in affected right hand: recovering.
Typing: improving, often not bothering with voice-activated software on PC.
Sleep disturbances: now minimal.
Facial expressiveness: returning to normal.
Voice: getting stronger week by week.

Parkinson’s nurse clinicians are amazed — they have never witnessed anyone with Parkinson’s improve at all before with no change in medication.

With my increased energy, I am now going to the gym for five half-hour sessions per week. My affected right side is getting stronger to balance the left.”

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  • kayde

    what diet did you follow the wahls plus or paleo

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