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Got diagnosed with Sjogren about 5 years ago.
Symptoms were very dry eyes and mouth, joint pain, heartburn, bloated stomach, and unexplained extreme fatigue. I did not have a full night’s sleep for years and experience severe shin cramps (requiring daily intake of large amount of magnesium)
I turned to food for solution and found enough literature to convince me to stop gluten, dairy, to stick to food cooked at 100 degrees, and to stop all processed food and preservatives. Basically, it was implementing the Wahls diet but without the 9 cups of veggies.
These first steps did help; I stopped having migraines, stopped having dry eyes (stopped using drops and lied about it to my ophthalmologist who didn’t believe I didn’t need it anymore), and I was able to work a few hours every morning. The joint pain also improved.
But I was still battling with fatigue that was really impairing my life. I had sleeping problems, cramps, and transit difficulties.
This is where I discovered the Wahls protocol and added the 9 cups of veggies per day, as I was already doing everything else.
The first major improvement was my transit (no more problems), then I started to have uninterrupted sleep for up to 6 hours. I have now enough energy to start to exercise and I haven’t needed to rest during the day for weeks (I feel 90% back to before my diagnosis). Finally I gradually reduced the magnesium supplement and for the first time in years I am free of cramps.
Furthermore, being premenopausal I use to have hot flashes (where I would be dripping on the floor in a few minutes) and those have also disappeared.
From my personal experience, it’s really eating the veggies that made a big difference as one by one all health problems are disappearing!
Thank you for your work.

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