In Wahls Warriors

On March 18, 2014 I received the book in the easily recognizable Amazon box.  I was so excited because Dr. Wahls’ framework provided confirmation of what I had been considering already.  It was just what I needed.  Dr. Wahls’ words washed away the hopelessness.  Her research and information gave me a way to become an active participant in my healing rather than just encouraging me to endure my “inevitable decline”.

Since I was already eating strict gluten-free and as much Paleo as I could, it made sense to move into the Wahls Paleo Plus diet.  In just two months my walking has improved, the brain fog has diminished, my energy has greatly increased, numbness in my right hand has lessened, and I am feeling much better; incredibly better.  I also swim 2 miles per week and do vertical exercises in the pool now because I am able to connect with my muscles since focusing on my nutrition.  Like Dr. Wahls, electrical stimulation has proven very helpful for my leg muscles and I make sure that I get enough rest.  There have been days when I ate something that unfortunately triggered an immediate and sometimes dramatic physical reaction.  However, because I keep a detailed Wahls Diary, I have been able to figure out what I reacted to.  I also have been learning that when I do not eat enough fat or enough of some of the essential nutrients that Dr. Wahls talks about, I also do not feel well.  I am learning how to create a balance as I understand more and more what works for my body.

I am so thankful for the HOPE that I have because of the framework that Dr. Wahls has shared with me. The fact that in the midst of her illness she was willing to continue searching, she was willing to push through and pursue hope is something that I brings tears to my eyes because of the gratitude I feel.  I look forward to encouraging and supporting other people with a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis or other autoimmune issues as they embark on this journey with the Wahls Protocol.  Yes, I look forward to sharing hope with others like me.

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