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Many of our Wahls Certified Health Professionals have completed a program through the Nutritional Therapy Association.  The Wahls Protocol Certification Program can earn current practitioners 24 CEU credits.

September registration is now open! Visit to learn more.

 Lacy Waltermeyer, NTP  is the most outgoing introvert you’ll ever meet.

As the Executive Director of the Nutritional Therapy Association, she has led the team through a period of incredible growth – launching first-ever, fully digital courses, overseeing the highest course enrollment numbers the company has ever seen, expanding personnel across departments, and bringing them all together to thrive, even in the face of great challenges. She is in her element standing on a stage inspiring hundreds, teaching about connection and compassion, and in the same breath, she’s happiest by herself with a good book, watching the waves in Maui.

In addition to her degrees in Marketing, Management, and Economics, and a certification as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, she has been involved in multiple industries including newspaper, automotive, farming, food brokerage, nutrition, and nutraceuticals. She uses her knowledge of these diverse industries to apply best practices in new ventures to bring wild success to the companies she is involved with.

Her guiding motto is “Do what’s right, not what’s easy.

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