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Clinical Professor Holds Lecture on Using Paleo Diet to Control MS

According to Beth Roessner at Desert Sun, some multiple sclerosis (MS) patients are making lifestyle changes to take charge of their disease. In addition to their conventional medical treatments, patients are changing their diets to improve their health. 40 year-old Erin Davis is among those with primary progressive MS who have made diet and lifestyle changes with guidance from the Wahls Protocol. By removing gluten and dairy, getting 9 cups of fruits and vegetables per day, and adding regular exercise and stress management, Davis has gotten her MS symptoms under control.

Dr. Wahls has made the relationship between diet and MS the focus of her research. Through self-experimentation, she modified her diet and lifestyle habits to improve her own MS. Dr. Wahls believes that health does not depend on medication but on preventive and proactive habits such as proper nutrition and physical activity.

In this video, Dr. Wahls explains how MS affects the body. She shares her own experience with the disease, how lifestyle changes can reduce the rate of many chronic diseases, and provides an update on her clinical research.

Read the full article here.

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  • Sam Kyrts

    OK, I was diagnosed with MS, late December of 2013, no wheel chair, thank GOD.
    Following the general outline of mrs. Wahls, I ‘ve been doing a lot better. My only question is this: Why no bins or bin like vegetables? Personally I am not allergic to bins.

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