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To kick off MS awareness month, I am sharing a guest post from Wahls Warrior™ and Wahls Protocol® Health Practitioner Lisa Lovely:


In this three-part blog series, my intention is to share my perspective as a patient, practitioner, and ambassador.  In part I of this blog series, I briefly shared my experience with implementing The Wahls Protocol® as a patient and how a Wahls Protocol® Certified Health Practitioner would have greatly benefited my experience.  In part II of this blog series, I discussed my journey from patient to practitioner and how I use the Wahls Protocol® as a base in my practice. In part III of this blog series, as an ambassador for Dr. Terry Wahls message, I aim to share how I seek to be an ambassador of both the patient and practitioner perspective.  

Ever since I was a child, I knew that I would find myself in some sort of teaching capacity.  I constantly lined up my stuffed animals to teach, made my brother suffer through lessons, taught and led groups of friends through “school.”  I went to college and became a teacher. I completed my Masters in Education, specializing in Special Education and English as a Second Language, and I taught elementary and middle school for many years.  I was a respected teacher, colleague, friend. I led students, I led colleagues, I led committees, I led groups, I led clubs, I LED. I was an ambassador of whatever I was teaching.    

After I had to quit my teaching job due to my Multiple Sclerosis symptoms in 2017, life became very uncertain. 

Disease has a funny way of interrupting the path you set out to accomplish doesn’t it?

Fast forward a few years later, I find myself in new ambassador roles, oddly enough they all involve some sort of my original life path, as a teacher.

As a patient, I am an ambassador to my fellow autoimmune warriors.  I prefer to do this in writing as that is a very comfortable space for me, however at some point, I intend to be an ambassador in the speaking world again.  

As a practitioner, I am an ambassador to my clients.  I actively engage in teaching, guiding, and partnering with my clients as they implement The Wahls Protocol®.  Diet and lifestyle changes are empowering!  

In my newest ambassador role, as the Director of Certification for Dr. Terry Wahls, I invite health practitioners who want to join us on our mission to transform the standard of care.  This ambassador role is personal to me. I didn’t have the support of health practitioners when I began the Wahls Protocol®. I would like to change that for both patients and practitioners.  

Health practitioners, The Wahls Protocol® is a comprehensive, research-based protocol that effectively addresses autoimmunity.  Dr. Wahls continually updates the Wahls Protocol® with the latest research in ancestral health, evolutionary biology, functional medicine, anti-aging science, and basic science. She is traveling the world, training health professionals, conducting clinical research, and publishing those findings in peer-reviewed scientific journals. She is driving a change in the standard of care for autoimmune and neurological patients. 

As a Wahls Protocol Health Practitioner, you have the opportunity to gain a new clinical skill set.  You will take a research-backed dive into functional medicine principles that address the root cause of poor health, you will gain strategies to help patients/clients create resilience, find internal motivation, face food addictions and start creating new health behaviors, be exposed to the latest science in nuero-protecttion to maintain brain reserve and cognitive reserve, reducing dementia risk and APOE4 risk mitigation in patients/clients, use ancestral health principles to examine our current health challenges through the context of our ancestral heritage, implement research-backed strategies to slow cellular aging, lengthen lifespan and healthspan in patients/clients, learn of the latest findings on the impact of stress, sleep, movement, functional electrical stimulation of muscles and magnets on health and healing, and your certification will be enhanced by an in depth case study discussion on the application of The Wahls Protocol®.

Health Practitioners, we need you.

Lisa Lovely


Wahls Protocol® Certified Health Practitioner

Director of Certification at Dr. Terry Wahls

Author of Seven Seasons

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