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This article and video by the Iowa City Press-Citizen give an intimate and complete portrait of Dr. Wahls’ new book, The Wahls Protocol.

First, Dr. Wahls and her son, Zach, discuss what life was like as Dr. Wahls struggled with and then overcame the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Eve Adamson, co-author of the book, shares her experience of co-authoring the book and how the Wahls Protocol has changed her own life. The article also gives the opinion of two registered dieticians as well as a Wahls Warrior who adopted The Wahls Protocol to lessen her own multiple sclerosis symptoms.

The article presents different viewpoints about The Wahls Protocol. Order your copy of The Wahls Protocol and tell us what you think.

To learn more about Dr. Wahls, sign up for her email list, and order The Wahls Protocol today.

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