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Maureen Connolly, an Iowa City physician and a writer for the Press-Citizen, reports on how Dr. Wahls’ work calls for lifestyle change rather than drugs to cure disease. See the article here.

The article defines multiple sclerosis and explains Dr. Wahls’ decline to a tilt-recline wheelchair after her own diagnosis of MS. The greatest issue with using drugs to treat disease is that they only have the potential to improve symptoms and fail to treat the underlying causes of the illness. Instead of relying on drugs, Dr. Wahls turned to the internet and latest research, learning about the Paleo diet, electrical muscle stimulation, and Functional Medicine. Using what she learned to create her own diet, Dr. Wahl’s has now greatly improved her health, which is described in her book, The Wahls Protocol: How I Beat Progressive MS Using Paleo Principles and Functional Medicine.

Many health problems can be improved with easy lifestyle changes. It is not necessary to wait until we become ill to improve our diet or begin exercising. What we put in our bodies does matter. We can maintain our health by eating the right foods rather than taking medication.

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