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“I am 38 years old and have MS. Up until about 6 months prior to diagnosis in August 2010, I used to seriously enjoy sports like running, mountain biking and wall climbing. I had plans to become a sports instructor. I used to be a professional sailor.

I got disabled more and more ‘without reason’, so obviously I quit sports. Then came the diagnosis of MS.

Pretty soon (within 6 months at least) I found out my (not so) well-being had everything to do with food.

Or better yet, with what we, in our civilization, are used to calling food. Give me ‘food’ containing wrong additives and I’m a wreck. Within twenty minutes. Keeping in mind what to eat, I started doing OK. I thought. But I was still declining.

Last January, a friend told me about Terry Wahls. I watched one of her lectures and found out she supports my own theories more than 100%. Of course, I had to try ‘The Wahls Way’.

Within days I noticed walking became easier. Still though, I wasn’t impressed. I was still fatigued as ever, since MS started acting up. Then, about two weeks after I changed my diet, I dropped gluten. Entirely. After 3 weeks I got a major energy boost, physically, as well as mentally. During the sixth week I tried gluten again. While eating a pile of lovely homemade pancakes, without any bad stuff other then gluten, my energy went down the drain again.

I saved the pancakes for visitors the next day. They didn’t become sick so nothing was wrong with the pancakes. I haven’t touched gluten since, apart from a very few accidents. I had the hospital test my blood for celiac disease; the result was negative. However, staying far away from gluten keeps my energy levels pretty high, so not eating gluten is the solution to my fatigue.

In fact, by now I have recovered well enough to slowly pick up running again.  Within weeks of my diagnosis, I got a dog, who kept me going outside to take walks. The month before I started eating ‘The Wahls Way’, I was actually considering getting a mobility scooter, because I was so sick of having to put the effort into walking, which I needed to do to get from A to B.
Now, in the seventh month of eating ‘The Wahls Way’, I find it hard to imagine the way I felt. I now am able to actually enjoy walking, if I haven’t pushed myself over the edge the day before.”
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