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I disagree with the American Heart Association claim that coconut oil is not a healthy foodstuff. It is a traditional food that has been eaten in Asia for thousands of years without increased risk of heart disease or neurological disease.

Coconut oil is composed of medium chain triglycerides and lauric acid. These fats are saturated fats which have caused some to fear them. Notably the cultures that rely on coconut oils s for their cooking have a much lower rate of cardiovascular disease or dementia. Coconut oil fats are far less likely to increase insulin resistance or belly fat and have favorable impact on mitochondrial health, which is good for our brains and our hearts. (

Coconut oils can be part of a ketogenic diet which is a strategy that is being studied for treating and preventing Alzheimer’s disease. I advise my patients and my followers to use saturated fats for cooking, including coconut oil, clarified butter or rendered animals fats such as duck fat.

Coconut oil is a big part of my ketogenic eating plan, Wahls Paleo Plus™ which is designed specifically for the brain and mitochondria.

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