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How to Stay Consistent on the Wahls Protocol®

Enjoy this guest post from Wahls Health Practitioner, Alene Brennan from

My world turned upside down when I was diagnosed with MS in 2016. I lost confidence in my body and in my future.

How could my body betray me like this?

What did my future look like?

I didn’t want to let go of the goals and dreams I still wanted to achieve.

I wanted to make sure that my best days were not already gone.

As a health coach, I immediately wanted to see what food could do for me to help me manage this diagnosis.

I discovered the Wahls Protocol and had so much hope.

I read the book, wrote out my grocery list and stocked my kitchen.

But when it came to living it out day in and day out, I was overwhelmed.

Between fatigue, brain fog, and all the new changes to my diet, I felt like I was constantly leaving something out.

What if what I was forgetting was the one thing that would help me to get results?

Now, as a Health Practitioner certified in the Wahls Protocol®, I’ve worked with countless Wahls Warriors and seen that this feeling of being overwhelmed isn’t unique to me.

We all want to see the benefits of the protocol, but making it fit into our everyday lives?

That’s the real challenge.

How can we make it work for our day-to-day life?

I wanted something that would keep me accountable and consistent. There were so many changes I was making, but in the long list of recommendations they would get lost in my day. So, at the end of every day, I felt defeated. It was never enough.

I needed something that would help me to see and celebrate the smaller steps so that I had the motivation to keep going to get to the bigger results.

It was out of this need that I created my MS Wellness Tracker. A one-page sheet that helps to keep me on track with my veggies, water, sleep, supplements… even my poop!

It’s about making this protocol doable, one day at a time.

The truth is, big health transformations don’t happen overnight. They happen in the small, seemingly insignificant choices we make every day.

That’s where the wellness tracker comes into play.

It breaks down the vast, sometimes overwhelming guidelines of the Wahls Protocol into manageable daily actions.

Did you drink enough water today?


Did you get your servings of leafy greens?


These small wins, day after day, add up to significant changes over time.

So, this tracker is for us, my fellow Wahls warriors, who are doing their best every day.

By focusing on one day at a time, it becomes less about the end game – the anticipation of “big transformation” – and more about doing your best each day and celebrating those efforts. It’s about the baby steps that help you to feel at home in your own body again.

Each checkmark is one step forward, and that’s all you need to focus on today.

The tracker cuts through the noise, simplifies our routine, and helps us stay on track with the Wahls Protocol®.

And I’m sharing a free copy of My Wellness Tracker with you today

It’s my way of saying, “I see you, I understand the struggle, and I’m here with you.”

Let’s make this journey a bit easier on ourselves.

Together, we can navigate the ups and downs of living with MS and find a way to thrive, not just survive.

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