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Enjoy this guest post from Wahls Protocol Health Practitioner, Alene Brennan.

Brain fog is one of those symptoms that most individuals diagnosed with multiple sclerosis come to know all too well.

You may experience in several ways…

  • Forgetting your train of thought midsentence.
  • Walking into a room and forgetting why you’re there.
  • Difficulty staying focused on a particular task.

Some individuals experience waves of it, while others may find it to be a constant reminder of their diagnosis.

Either way, it can create quite a challenge when it comes to reading.

Whether you’re reading for pleasure or reading something like the Wahls Protocol book for education, comprehending and retaining the information can be a struggle at best.

There are some helpful strategies around it.

Navigating Reading with Brain Fog

1. Listening to an audio version of the book.
Many books are available in audio format. You can follow along with the book at the same time or you can simple listen to recording without a tangible book.

Often times you can get an audible version of books at the library or through a subscription like Audible. Personally, I love listening to book on my phone via the Audible app.

And there’s good news for us Wahls Warriors! The Revised and Expanded version of The Wahls Protocol book is available on Audible.

2. Start small & take breaks.
Plan to read just a few pages at a time to start, perhaps for 10 minutes. This feels a lot less daunting than reading chapters at a time with an indefinite timeframe.

As your time increases, it can be helpful to take frequent breaks as well. This can support you in staying focused and retaining more of what you’re reading.

3. Create a reading routine.
Our brain loves routine! So, if you can read around the same time each day and dedicate a particular space in your home to reading this can help to increase your concentration. Ideally, select a place with minimal distractions.

4. Join a community.
Being part of a community can keep you motivated and encouraged along as well.

Did you know there’s a community of Wahls Warriors reading The Wahls Protocol® Book together? It’s a free online book club you can join here.

What I like best about a book club is that it not only keeps me more accountable with reading but it provides the opportunity to discuss what I’m learning with fellow Wahls Warriors™ so it’s another opportunity to best understand what I’m reading and increase my chances of retaining the information too.

And of course, best of all, following the Wahls Protocol® helps to eliminate brain fog altogether, so that’s a given in my opinion when it comes to addressing any symptoms of autoimmunity, especially multiple sclerosis.


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