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The Wahls Protocol is 80% new material, providing more specific, step-by-step guidance on how to transition from your current diet to the Wahls™ Diet.

During decades of clinical practice and research, I have observed that it is possible for people to make changes in their health behaviors. However, the critical piece that determines if people can sustain those changes is whether they understand how our health behaviors–that is, how the specific foods that we consume or fail to consume, the things we put on our bodies, in our homes, and work spaces, and the activities we do–will impact our health. Our choices determine whether we will be healthy or sick. The Wahls Protocol is an easy to understand reference that guides you through food and lifestyle choices, helping you make healthier choices every time. This book is very lay friendly, and people of all backgrounds will be able to read and understand its concepts. In addition, the appendix contains detailed scientific data on the nutritional content of the diets, so that physicians, nutritionists, and anyone else wanting more detail can understand the exact breakdown of vitamin, mineral, essential fat, and antioxidant content of the three Wahls™ diet plans. That way you can see how health-promoting the Wahls Protocol™ program truly is.

Time and time again, I see that those who are most successful are those who have invested in learning as much as possible about how their specific environment is linked to disease and health. In The Wahls Protocol, I will teach you:

  • What foods to eat and which to avoid so that you can wake up each day a little healthier, stronger, and more vibrant than you felt the day before
  • why adding more greens and sulfur-rich vegetables to your diet will improve your health
  • why gluten can be so damaging and the potential problems with dairy
  • why toxins like lead, mercury, plastics, and even fragrances can interfere with our biology, leading to hormonal imbalance, excess inflammation, and worsening symptoms, and what you can do about it
  • how starvation, obesity, and addiction are linked
  • how to eat so that weight falls off you without feeling constantly hungry
  • how chronic elevations of stress hormones keep us inflamed and ill and how to get your stress hormones back to a normal state
  • how to follow the three levels of the Wahls™ diet plans (Wahls™, Wahls Paleo™ and Wahls Paleo Plus™) and what each one can do for you
  • how to improve your sleep and help your body process and eliminate toxins more effectively
  • which vitamins and supplements may be helpful and which ones are likely not
  • which laboratory tests to request and what results you should be looking for
  • how to create a progressive exercise program to improve balance, strength, and endurance
  • how adding electrical therapy for your muscles may speed your recovery and who to ask for a trial of electrical therapy coupled with an exercise program that is specific to your unique needs
  • how to make eating and living this way easier and more affordable
  • and much, much more!


I also provide a resources section – grocery lists, what to purge from your home, where to find electrical therapy devices and functional medicine–health care practitioners, and what laboratory testing to request. The Wahls Protocol will jump-start your understanding of how you can create more energy, decrease brain fog and mood problems, and get your life back. Let it give you the tools to adopt and sustain the changes that are the bedrock of better health and vitality!


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  • Ellen

    With purchase of the books will any of the “tools” like grocery lists, recipes, meal planning be available in online electronic formats? this would be sooooooo helpful!!

    • connie

      I agree

  • Sheila Powell

    Thank you, Dr Wahls!

  • Garry

    Have started just based on the tedx and Facebook chat. Can’t wait to get your book. It’s going to open a lot of eyes and brains. A best seller I’m sure. Tks

  • María Rodríguez

    I am 60 years old and I dont’t have health insurance, so I try to keep myself eating the best way to my knowledge. I am impress with the news about your book Minding my Mitochondria and The Wahls Protocol. I will like to buy your two books but I won’t pay by internet. Please send me the price for each book plus mail and address to send you a money order. Thank you.

  • Judy Stewart

    I am 66 yrs old diagnosed 2009 because my walking started changing drop foot on the right side and balance was off Was Tested for 5 years before getting to this point. Was a very physically active. Suspicious of MS but none of the test showed I had it last resort lumbar puncture…that said yes. Primary progressive. Have been on lyerica & muscle relaxants since 2009. I take half of what was prescribed, made me worse. Exercise helps me most. They said I had this for years it moves very slowly. Will I see improvement with your protocol since this moves so slowly. I now walk with a cane. Thank You Judy

  • margie luyben

    so excited to start and looking forward to getting a handle on my progressive m s.

  • Bhuvana

    Hi, I’m implementing your diet for my daughter who has autism. I would say her symptoms are improving. Other children with autism also could benefit from it. Can you provide any medical advise for our autism community?
    Does your new book talk about autism?

    Plz reply,
    Thank you

  • Anastasia Spyroglou, biologist

    Thank you Dr. Wahls! You changed my life, l m so grateful!

  • Stephen Conrad

    Hello Dr. Wahls my sister is one of your biggest followers is how I got here. I have rrms now for 4yrs, what do you mean when you talk about functional medicine? I understand about the protocol but net this. I’ve tried a few things for my health also what do you think about the ccsvi procedure? I really need your opinion. thank you

  • C Shackleton

    Dear Terry,

    Do you have any information about treating brain tumours with supplements?


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