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Healing Heather Key Art v5-1

She was placed on a permanent disability pension. Confined to a wheelchair or dependent on a cane for mobility, she found her former athletic life revolved around hospital treatments and painful attacks of paralysis. 

Heather reached the point she would do anything to get better. Medical experts told her: “Prepare to get worse”.

At that point, hope came into her life. A new friend Kim Shaw believed there had to be a better way. She introduced Heather to information and to people who knew there were ways to restore her body’s own healing power. Heather became excited about what she was learning. Gradual changes in lifestyle – including detoxification and changes to diet – eventually led to small signs of improvement. Feeling better, surrounded by friends and creativity, Heather was able to stay focused on positive signs. She believed she would succeed and visualized herself better, moving into a focus on developing a creative business. Heather was diligent about trying new things that made sense and continuing with what she found worked for her. In the end, Heather was able to do something the medical system could not do. Today twelve years have passed since Heather’s last symptoms disappeared and she took her first steps without her cane. She works and plays hard and lives a full life.

Described as inspiring, motivating and beautifully done, this film has been applauded by a doctors, healing professionals, filmmakers and people affected by illness. Winner of Special Jury Award at the Canadian International Film Festival in Vancouver, Best Short Documentary at First Glance Film Festival in Los Angeles, Silver Award International Independent Film Festival in North Hollywood, and is screening in the Peace Equality and Justice Film Festival in Jakarta this fall. 

The great news – Film Festival Flix is featuring this half-hour documentary as one of four exceptional short films to feature in its theatrical release series. The Healing of Heather Garden will play in Dubuque, Greenwood Village and North Hollywood this September preceding its official release on Check for screening dates and times

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