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There is your chance to chat with Dr. Wahls in a small group setting!

We will be selecting 3 winners who will spend 30 minutes with Dr. Wahls via Skype on March 8th between 8am-10am CT.  The exact time will be selected after the winners have been contacted and confirmed the time.

Small Group Skype Chat giveaway

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  • Katharine Davina

    I’m so excited to find you and pre order your book. I’ve been on various medications and still needing to take so many to just function a bit compared to who I use to be. I’m a mom of 3 kids and have pets. As well as a fun chinchilla ranch for wonderful pets with champion bloodlines. I love men tty owing young people in 4H. But I’m to the point of having to give it all up which so many customers love. As well as we all love these sweet babies giving them daily attention. It’s not just that but not being able to volunteer at my kids schools. Take them on fun adventures! I was so athletic and now have progressive M.S. symptoms that keep getting worse.i can’t wait to start! And get me back! Thank you!

  • Liz

    Really looking forward to the book

  • Jessica Martin

    My question was cut off before I could complete it. My full question was: regardless of the dieting/ fueling for your health that you do, you are still going to have bad days with this disease, correct? Can you explain the differences in the “bad days” after the diet and before? Thank you.

  • Michael Colson

    I am looking forward to receiving your book. I am forever looking for new ways to make myself better.

  • Jeanne Collins

    I preordered TWICE! One copy for my iPad and another for Kindle so I have a receipt number to enter contests with.

  • Sarah Rainbolt

    I’m so excited about getting to get the expert answers to my questions etc. YAY!

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