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There is your chance to chat with Dr. Wahls in a small group setting! There were so many entries from our last give away, we are running this again for this Saturday.

If you order more than 1 book, you can enter more than one time.

We will be selecting 3 winners who will spend 30 minutes with Dr. Wahls via Skype on March 15th between 8am-10am CT.  The exact time will be selected after the winners have been contacted and confirmed the time.

Skype Chat with Dr. Wahls giveaway

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  • Joanne

    I need to find a way to help my husband feel better! Been paleo for a while and strict AIP since January. He still ferls horrible. I’m at a loss and feel horrible for not being able to help him.

  • Ann Pinchak

    Terry Wahl’s new book, The Wahls Protocol comes out this Thursday.

  • Tammy Goberstein

    Have Dr. Wahls first book. I have been waiting for next book since October 2013.

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