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Here is your chance to chat with Dr. Wahls via Skype for 20 minutes! There were so many entries from our last give away, we are running this again for this Saturday.

In order to enter you must write a book review on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

We will be selecting 2 winners who will spend 20 minutes with Dr. Wahls via Skype on April 26th or May 3rd between 8am-10am CST.  The exact time will be selected after the winners have been contacted and confirmed the time.

Skype Chat with Dr. Wahls giveaway

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  • Kat

    After receiving the Wahls Protocol I have been on the Wahls Palo Plus for 4 weeks. Prior to that time I was on a Palo diet based on her first book. It has not been too difficult because of the hope of walking with a normal gait. Having a diagnosis of PPMS since 2004, there has been a slow decline and little hope. Fatigue and brain fog has lessened, but my gait has stayed the same so far.
    The book is written so that anyone can choose to understand the research or skip to the meat of the plan. Dr Wahls is honest and realistic with recommendations while embracing wholistic options while being respectful to the traditional medical folks. A good resource and handbook.

  • Anna Gomez

    Please notify me of the next
    Private 20 minute Skype Call with Dr. Wahls
    Thank You.

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