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Even if gift-giving is not part of your holiday tradition, this guide will give you some different ideas for celebrating the season with your loved ones. I have listed some options that contain affiliate links, some that don’t, and some that don’t cost anything at all.  Leave a comment below with your favorite way to share your gratitude and appreciation with someone over the holidays!

Here is my list of ideas for the 2021 celebration season:

Have a health-supportive potluck

  • Plan for a Wahls Compliant Meal and have everyone bring their favorite dish—help them plan to make the modifications using recipes you found on the web. The Wahls Protocol® Cooking for Life has an entire section dedicated to Wahls Compliant Holiday Dishes
  • Prepare a meal together
  • Prepare a meal for someone else—pack the leftovers for easy freezer meals
  • Create a cookbook with favorite family recipes with Wahls Compliant conversions

Get outside

  • Plan a scavenger hunt around the neighborhood— this could be done walking, biking, or even driving if mobility or weather is a challenge
  • Forage for sticks and botanicals and assemble a decorative planter, swag, or wreath
  • Plan an adventure by taking a drive to a new town and supporting a local business

Learn a new skill together

  • When the pandemic started, we saw a huge uptick in the availability of online classes and courses.
    Learning a new skill can be rewarding alone or even more fun when learned together!

Plan a family card game/board game tournament

  • Everyone playing can pool in some money for small prizes for tournament winners
  • My children, Zach and Zebby, are the founders of a playing card company called The Woman Cards. They are a full deck of premium playing cards illustrated by Zeb. This is their third printing of the deck and features improved artwork. Their decks were drawn in Iowa and manufactured in Texas.
    Options include…
    TECH DECK, The Woman Cards: Tech Deck is our newest deck of cards, featuring fifteen women pioneers in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math.
    Launched in 2018, Girl Power is a full 54-card deck of premium playing cards featuring fifteen original, hand-drawn portraits of young women who changed the world — even though the deck was stacked against them.
    Our signature deck — The Woman Cards — is a full 54-card deck of premium playing cards featuring 15 original, hand-drawn portraits of American women who changed the world.

A Mushroom Growing Kit

There are many mushroom growing kits on the market—shop around and find one that feels manageable. I have used North Spore’s Lion’s Mane kit and grew some pretty impressive mushrooms. I also enjoyed their dehydrated lobster mushrooms.

A Fermentation Kit

I love Nourished Essentials home fermentation kits. They are affordable and manageable—you can experiment with making different kimchis’, krauts, and fermented salsas to keep your gut bugs happy and thriving.

Treat yourself or someone you love with…

Homemade Bath Salt and Scrubs

There is a recipe in Cooking For Life, but feel free to google any homemade scrub recipe made with sugar or Epsom salts. Package in recycled mason jars and embellish with ribbon nice ribbon and a handcrafted tag to give as gifts.

Holiday splurges

While these are some higher-priced self-care gifts, they are worth the investment if you are ready to make the commitment.

The Wahls Protocol® Seminar Series—With the new format this year, you can save by buying the bundle of 4 events or register for the ones you wish to attend. Learn more at

ChiliPad—Stay cool when you sleep with Chili Sleep Systems, use code HOLIDAY30 for 30% off all new Sleep Systems

11/17-12/31(Cannot be combined with other offers) Limited time. Valid in new Cube and OOLER systems only.

Saunaspace—Heat + Red Light Therapy are a winning combination. Saunaspace is offering 20% OFF sitewide on Nov 26 for 24 hours only.

Neufit—This is the electrical stimulation device I use in my physical therapy and rehabilitation program. While there are no holiday discounts, this is would make a very special gift. Learn more at

Hopefully, this list helped to spark some new ideas to help you ring in the holiday season with joy and gratitude. I would love to hear if you have anything that should be added to the list, please share in the comments below!

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